Creating Online Content to Sell

You must have something to sell before you can sell online. Duh…

And, there are four ways that you can get that content:

  1. Create that content
  2. Buy or license content
  3. Pay someone to create content for you (customized, commissioned work for hire)
  4. Use free content

You need a lot of content because sales stack up when you sell a lot of products.

So, use technology tools to plan, manage, develop and promote high-quality, high-demand, easy to produce products.

Creating content is the most difficult and time consuming part of selling online products. However, creating products is profitable when you control the product.

Licensing products take less time than creating products, but you may be  limited in what you can do with a licensed product.

Paying someone else to create products is expensive, but saves time. (Avoid royalty payment arrangements. Buy all rights to the content.)

Public Domain Content

According to Tony Laidig, expert Public Domain content publisher:

  • More than 85 million books are in the public domain
  • More than 200,000 magazine issues are in the public domain
  • Public Domain Patents: More than eight million
  • Images in the Pubic Domain: Over 100 million

Tony describes where to get Public Domain content in this affiliate link…

Tony Leidig’s Take Action Public Domain Toolbar

The reasons that Public Domain content is so inviting are…

  • The content has been edited, tested, vetted and approved of by audiences
  • The content has been filtered to provide what people want to know, human interest, curiosity
  • The content “worked”

And, Public Domain content is easy to find. Search…

Google™ Books

For example, a search of Google Books found this resource by Tony Laidig,

Public Domain Codebook

Interested in Public Domain Content, read our upcoming article…